Thursday, 20 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas Day 17: A Very Cosy Christmas Eve

On the seventeenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Very Cosy Christmas Eve!!

There's something about coming in from visiting on Christmas Eve to a warm cosy house and spending the rest of the night snuggled up with the family.

Each Christmas Eve my mamma gives me and my sisters a gift box each filled with our new pyjamas and a few other things. We all put on our new pyjamas, make hot chocolate and cosy up on the sofa with Christmas Movies before heading off to bed. 
Even though were all grown up we have never lost the excitement and magic of Christmas, we all still get up early and sneak into the living room to see if Santa's been then go waken up our mamma. 
Then we spend the morning opening gifts and trying everything out before helping to prepare the Christmas Lunch. While we are opening our gift my mamma always writes everything down for us so we know exactly who to send thanks you cards too, i also think its lovely to receive a hand written thank you so i write every single one out. 
Our Christmas Lunch isn't always traditional in years gone by we've had dishes like orange creme caramel, tarte tatin, fillet of beef with porcini mushrooms wrapped in parma ham, salt encrusted sea bass. Of course we have the traditional dishes like roast turkey and all the trimming, but i'm prefer red meat or fish to turkey or chicken.

Ok back to Christmas Eve:

You will need

Your Favourite Christmas Movies
Cosy Christmas Pyjamas 
Festive Treats 
Mulled wine/cider 
Hot Chocolate 
 and of course Family/Friends 
maybe a few board games if your into that.

This is my new christmas mug and i'm in love, for the past couple of years i buy myself a new festive mug/cup. I'm a wee bit obsessed when it comes to all things christmas if i had my way i would change everything out in the house to be christmas themed durning the festive period. 

This year i decided to go with the Emma Bridgewater personalised 1 pint mug..
Its huge which is prefect for me as i have to consume quite alot of caffeine each morning to make me human. 
To whom ever hand painted my mug must have been thinking is she crazy!!  
I'm maybe just a wee bit but the reason for it is because i most of the time i answer to Ratty and not Louise, family and friends have called me that since i was young. Incase anybody wondering its a pet name for me they are not being nasty or horrible it just kinda stuck. Most people called Louise get called Lou, Lulu and so on which i get all also, to be honest i actually have quite a lot of pet names the list is actually endless. 

Love, Lx 

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