Friday, 21 June 2013

My Kitchen Wishlist

My list is endless of all things kitchen-ee wether it be pots & pans, dinnerware, gadgets, glassware or serve ware!! I tend to be a magpie when it comes to the kitchen for me it's my most favourite place to be, i have so many fond memories of growing up in the kitchen it's like being home to me.

The list isn't in any order because I would love them all the same but of course some have been on there a lot longer than others. Being my first ever wish list of sorts, I gave chosen to keep this one short but please say if you like it and I shall do another! 

Another big thing is this is my 100th blog post.. I can't believe! I shall right another blog post on that this week or this post will never stop. 

I haven't really written much about each product because I could go on forever about how I love each one!! 

So lets hop right in.. 

A Vitamix Aspire has been on my wish list for more than 3 years I'd say, it's something I've always wanted but never bought. 

This little guys from Anthropolgie - A Real Hot Jar Canister I think he's just so cute

Kai Knives - I love these though
I'm in serious need of new knives but its something i never think to buy probably because I've never found the perfect match. 

Le Creuset - Cast iron Shallow Casserole in Fennel. There's just something about the fennel green. 

Cuisinart pro ice cream maker.. Funny thing is I don't eat ice cream, I do love a good fro yo & sorbet though. It's about time I upgraded my cuisinart. 

This have to be the prettiest teapot I've seen in a really long time.. It's from Anthropolgie- Crown Rose Tea Pot (how sweet is the name). 
Ok I maybe a little obsessed with cast iron casserole's...
Staub cocotte round pot in graphite grey 


Sunday, 16 June 2013

ETI Thermapen

A few weeks back I purchased a  ETI Thermapen and oh man I'm in love if that's even possible!! 

I never been one to use a thermometer only when it's came to sugar but wow this thing has changed my mind big time. The thermapen is a digital thermometer all you need to do is insert the probe into what ever your cooking and within 3 seconds you will know if its just right or needs a little bit longer. The other great thing about the thermapen is it temperature range of -49.9c to 299.9c. Of course I couldn't make the decision on what colour to get so I went to my fail safe colour Black!

I'm so glad I finally purchased one I don't know why I never got one before now, it's sure handy and perfect tool to have in the kitchen. Wether your baking,cooking or barbecuing it will be the perfect partner it's certainly mines. 



Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Vanilla bean frozen yogurt with strawberry chipotle compote

This is a super easy summer desert, high in flavour low in effort!

You maybe thinking is she crazy chilli and strawberries.. But boy oh boy don't knock it until you try it!
I wouldn't even really call this a recipe because hardly anything goes into it. 

I thought it was super cute serving them In little jars but you could just serve it in a bowl, it's totally upto you. 

Serves: 4 


1 large tub of good quality Plain Natural yogurt 
1 teaspoon of little pod vanilla bean paste or 1/2 teaspoon of extract
2-3 tablespoons of icing sugar, enough to sweeten 

1 packet of strawberries, farmers or supermarket 
1/4 of a dried chipotle, rehydrated & finally chopped
1-2 tablespoons of icing sugar, enough to sweeten 
1/4 teaspoon if ground cinnamon 
Few dashes on vanilla extract. 


Stir together the cold yogurt, vanilla and sugar. Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and churn until soft set. Spoon the yogurt into a container and place in the freezer for a few hours or until set. 

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 200c. Now its time to prepare the strawberries and lay them out In a roasting dish sprinkle over the chipotle and icing sugar, the place into the oven for 10 minutes. Make sure to check on them half way through. 

Now take the yogurt out the freezer and strawberries out the oven! In the vessel of your choice begin to layer the frozen yogurt and strawberries together. Sprinkle over some chopped almonds for a wee crunch. 


Disco Stix's

This past weekend it was one of my best friends 21st birthday!! After months of planning the day finally arrived, the small wedding (inside joke) was fantastic. We all had a great day and the weather turned out to be very lovely. 

One of the requesting from the birthday girl was for Chocolate covered salted pretzels and of course as always I volunteered. You would think dipping pretzels would be a walk in the part but no 3 batches and an hour and a half later.. i was finally finished!! 
I chose to use Pre-tempered chocolate and Pretzel Sticks to make life a whole lot easier and thank goodness i did.

All you need is two ingredients: 

  • 400grams of the chocolate of your choice, I used milk. 
  • 1 package of Salted Preztels. 

If you wish sprinkle with Edible Glitter and Sprinkles to achieve the disco Stix's look. 

  1. Melt the chocolate in a cup, perfect height for dipping.
  2. Split the bag of pretzels into 3 batches, it makes life easier.
  3. Your best making the sticks the day before giving them to set up and harder
They make a great canapé or snack!! But then again if your like me and just get cravings for them.
They are always great fun for the kids on a rainy day. 

Love Lx