Meet Louise

I'm Louise.. if you hadn't already guessed? 

I love to bake and cook its certainly in my blood thats fo sure.. with just under a decade of many disasters, experiments and marvellous creations under my apron strings. 

I owe it all to my great-grandmothers,my grandmother and my mamma. Everything i know has been passed on or self taught.
I've learned a lot from myself from experimenting but my most precious are the one passed down. 
I get way too excited over the smallest of things like opening a jar of home made vanilla sugar takes me back to my great grandmas pantry when i was a little girl. 
I'm at my happiest when i'm in the kitchen cooking for friends and family. 

How it all began..

The Baking Fashionista started out as a fashion/food blog back in February 2012. After a year or so of plucking up the courage to start it. I always knew that i wanted to blog about my two passions/loves but this february after a year of blogging i decided to take a new direction after we launched Peaches and Rose and focus on baking/cooking . 

What camera's do you use ?

Compact: Nikon S9300 (black) 
SLR: Canon 600D 
Iphone: 4s 



  1. You are beautiful as well as inspiring and I know you have a great future ahead of you in the fashion and/or baking world!!

  2. Hello Louise :-)

    I have just watched your documentary on Israeli cable and was so inspired and uplifted by it, I just had to drop you a thank you note. It is people like you who inspire me to commit to living the best way I can no matter the circumstences. You are a beautiful human being, both inside and out.

    I wish you a long healthy and happy life!


  3. You are so cute.!!! Wanna kiss you right now ! Mmm...sweet. (Love blonde girls lol)

  4. Hi there Louise,

    I just watched a documentary on TV about you. (:
    You really are an inspiring person! I hope you're doing okay.
    I added you to my bloglovin'.

    With love,

  5. Hello ,

    I am from the Netherlands and the documentary about you was on tv it already ended though
    i just want to say that you are amazing and verry beautifull dont let anybody ever let you feel like you are any less then them i have so mutch respect for you !! it was just amazing to see a person with so mutch power and perseverance,

    wish you all so mutch luck and God Bless you

    1. Hello Louise,
      I am also from the Netherlands and seen the documentary. What do you have perseverance. To be jealous.I want to start for a long time a blog but never did.You pulled me over the line.Baking and cooking is quite different then we seen of you. I am certainly that it will be succeed.I will follow you as mutch as i can on your blog.
      Wish you good luck with anything you will do.


  6. Hi Louise I saw your very moving ` docu ` on tv in the UK some time back and i just wanted to say you are a very strong determined and amazing person and i wish you all the very besy for the future :):)gad bless...

  7. Hi Louise
    Watched the documentary on you recently all the way in Nigeria ,Africa .
    I am so inspired , don't stop dreaming . Your such an inspiration plus your very pretty too.

    I wish you all the best ,stay blessed ..and don't stop living your dreams .

  8. You are splendid! I've seen this documentary today accidentally when i was wallowing in sadness after a recent (bad)break up. And u inspired me to get back on track, pull myself together and go back to the world ! Thank u
    Monika from Poland

  9. You are an inspiring person, don't stop chasing your dreams! Wish you all the best!

  10. hello louise! I am from Sweden and i just saw your documentary an you are the coolest girl in the world, i hope your feeling better now! You are a really strong girl Louise! im eleven years old and im your biggest fan ever! hahaha!

  11. You're amazing, fabulous and totally gorgeous!! You go girl!! I'm 18 years old and haven't really thought much about makeup and such things, a little weird right? I want to do my own thing you know and you have shoed me how much one can do with it. It doesn't make you another person, it makes you shine!! You passion for fashion (whoop that rhymed) have made me interested to try new things too!! It has also inspired me to chase my dreams, to keep on going!! :) Thank you and I look forward to getting some amazing ideas from your blog, this is a start for a new adventure!!
    Lots of love!! Souzan
    Ps. do you have an instagram? It would be so awesome to see photos you post!! Make something for beginners like me by the way!! Im totally lost!! :D