Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I feel like i'm starting all over again..

Its been a while since i've posted anything and it feels like i'm starting all over again!! Lets start as if i were starting all over again. 

Hello World, I'm Louise. 

I have neglected all of you and i apologise for that, i planned to just take a few weeks off but one thing after another turned into a few months. I have so much things i need to catch up on and so many ideas, i just need to get my butt moving now.  
One of the reasons i haven't been uploading any posts, i haven't been well for a good few months now. Its nothing to do with F.O.P just a general normal thing if you could call it that. 
I have had stomach problems since i was about 15 years old but it bothered me that much just the odd blip here and there nothing  i couldn't handle but over the last few months it got worse to the point where i was lethargic all the time, all i wanted to was sleep. I had nausea constantly (rather than just on the odd occasion) and just generally not feeling myself. When i did have enough energy i just wanted to get out of the house. I have now been referred to a gastroenterologist doctor who i seen last  week so i will hopefully be back on track soon. 

Thats the not so exciting part out of the way...

Reason two is i have been planning and organising an event that is happening later in the year in aid of F.O.P. Thats has taken up most of my time this year especially the last two weeks. I'm pretty excited about it, its going to take a lot of hard work and time to pull it off but i  love a challenge. It is still early days but i will write another blog post in detail all about it later to keep you all up to date with that. 

I need to get a schedule down on when i will be posting ect, just need to figure that out. I also need to get back into the kitchen, last sunday was the first time i had really done any cooking or baking this year and that is not like me at all as i live in the kitchen. I spent the sunday perfecting my brownie and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, perfecting means i totally changed both recipes almost completely but its all about experimenting and trying out different things sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

Oh i also subscribed to the Cocoa Runners a monthly chocolate subscription box, they are all about finding small bean to bar chocolate manufacturers from across the world. You receive 4 different bars per month, each bar comes with a tasting card that give you a little insight into each bar of chocolate.

I am planning on doing a post all about them but i have a few others that i need to do first.

Before i start speaking gobbledegook or maybe have already, i am going to end this post. 
I am just going to play the next couple of weeks by ear until i get a flow that fits.. then i will go into a schedule of which days, how many time a week i will post ect.