Friday, 21 June 2013

My Kitchen Wishlist

My list is endless of all things kitchen-ee wether it be pots & pans, dinnerware, gadgets, glassware or serve ware!! I tend to be a magpie when it comes to the kitchen for me it's my most favourite place to be, i have so many fond memories of growing up in the kitchen it's like being home to me.

The list isn't in any order because I would love them all the same but of course some have been on there a lot longer than others. Being my first ever wish list of sorts, I gave chosen to keep this one short but please say if you like it and I shall do another! 

Another big thing is this is my 100th blog post.. I can't believe! I shall right another blog post on that this week or this post will never stop. 

I haven't really written much about each product because I could go on forever about how I love each one!! 

So lets hop right in.. 

A Vitamix Aspire has been on my wish list for more than 3 years I'd say, it's something I've always wanted but never bought. 

This little guys from Anthropolgie - A Real Hot Jar Canister I think he's just so cute

Kai Knives - I love these though
I'm in serious need of new knives but its something i never think to buy probably because I've never found the perfect match. 

Le Creuset - Cast iron Shallow Casserole in Fennel. There's just something about the fennel green. 

Cuisinart pro ice cream maker.. Funny thing is I don't eat ice cream, I do love a good fro yo & sorbet though. It's about time I upgraded my cuisinart. 

This have to be the prettiest teapot I've seen in a really long time.. It's from Anthropolgie- Crown Rose Tea Pot (how sweet is the name). 
Ok I maybe a little obsessed with cast iron casserole's...
Staub cocotte round pot in graphite grey 



  1. I love the teapot - so pretty! I'll have to add it to my very own wishlist, which seems to never stop growing!

  2. Hi Louise,
    Congratulations on your 100th blog post and I'm glad you're enjoying the world of blogging.I thoroughly enjoy it myself but my subject is somewhat different i.e- horse racing.
    I saw your CH4 documentary last night and all I can say is you're a fantastic inspirational girl.
    Naturally I've added your blog to my personal reader so I can keep up with your culinary treats!
    Best wishes- Steve