Thursday, 20 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas Day 18: Petite Sweet Mince Pies

On the eighteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me  the cheats way to make Sweet Mince Pies!!

As much as i love Christmas time there never seems to be any time to always bake things from scratch, especially sweet mince pies between making the pastry and all that. 
So i cheat a wee bit and buy the mince meat and pre rolled pastry because who doesn't, buying pastry is so quick and easy. 
These take no time at all to make and bake perfect for unexpected guests or just a wee treat for yourself these are the perfect bite sized pies for all to enjoy. 

You can finish off Mince Pies two different ways the traditional way and then the way my mamma sometimes does them with a swirl of toasted meringue!! 

These ones are petite sweet mince pies i love baking everything mini for 1) you don't feel so bad if you eat a few and 2) I feel like a dolly that should stay in a pretty dolls house. 

You will need:
Good Quality Sweet Mincemeat
Sweet Short Crust Pastry
Baking Beans
Grease Proof Paper 
Non-Stick Mini Cupcake pans
Circle Cookie Cutter 
Large Rolling Pin 

They don't look very christmasy due to the fact my mamma has missed placed my mini christmas cookie cutters, but i will upload a picture of how i usually make them. 

My favourite way to have sweet mince pies is when they are swirled with toasted meringue.. yum!!

Step one: Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.
Dust your work surface with flour to ensure the pastry doesn't stick to the surface. 
Make sure you also light dust the top of the pastry and rolling pin with flour.

Step two: Roll out the pastry moving all the time to ensure it doesn't stick to the surface, once the pastry is the thickness of a 1 pound coin. Using the circle cutter cut out 24 disc's before placing one in each bun making sure each one fits before moving onto the next. 

Step Three: You have two choices before preheating the shells 1) Prick each shell with a fork. or 2) Placing in some baking paper and baking beans into each shell. This stops the pastry from filling with air  bubbles. Place the pan of shells into bake for 10-12 minutes keeping your eye on them.

Step four: Meanwhile zest some tangerine peel into your mince meat giving it a good mix. You can add in some small pieces or tangerine or stewed apple to give a little more sweetness.
Once the shells are pre baked leave to cool for 5-10 minutes before filling each one with a heaped teaspoon of mincemeat.

Step five: Once all the shells are filled with mince meat you have a few choices again. 
1) Roll out the remaining pastry and cutting out 24 discs to place on top, gluing the edges together with cold water and dusting the tops with cinnamon sugar. 
2) Roll out the remaining pastry cutting out mini christmas shapes and placing them on top and dusting with cinnamon sugar. The pretty option. 
3) Swirl each petite pie with fluffy white meringue and placing under the grill to toast. 

Step six: Place the petite pies into bake for 10-12 minutes at 180 degrees. Once baked remove from the pan placing the pies onto your favourite christmas plate and dust with a snow fall of powdered sugar. 

My not so pretty pies!!


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