Friday, 4 January 2013

My Apologies

First off i hope everybody had a magical christmas and a very happy new year!!

I'm so sorry guys that i have lacked in communication side of things over the festive period and my apologies as i never got to finish my Countdown to Christmas posts. I have been thinking about completing them as i sadly couldn't before christmas as i have spent most of this past two weeks in bed making it out for the occasional visit/gathering. 
Due to silliness on my part as i was so caught up in the Christmas cheer i managed to get caught in the door which ended with me falling on my bottom, but thank goodness i've managed to get away with only abit of bruising. I was incredibly lucky as it could of went in a totally different direction, of course i'm a wee bit sore but thats all due to the bruising. The family are making light of it and saying i resemble an old lady or snail, but i'm a wee bit of a snail anyways unless theres something like a store in front of me. 

I'm starting to feel much better just need to get rid of this bruising as it was a bad way to start this new year. Being put on bed rest isn't exactly fun durning this time of year but its ok in others for 1) getting to fall asleep when ever you want. 2) Continually being dressed in lounge wear/pj's. 3) watching TV/Movies marathons. 



  1. I hope you feel better soon! Movie marathons sound good though :)Love your blog xx

  2. Hope your feeling better, I love any excuse to watch loads of films :) Hope you had a good New Years and a great 2013

    Laura x

  3. You are an inspiration and have inspired me to write my own fashion blog, after watching your documentary "the human mannequin" Please please please check out my blog and maybe leave a comment? It would mean so much to me you are amazing! xxx

  4. Saw your documentary recently, just to say what an absolute inspiration you are! A beautiful and determined lady :)
    Your blog looks great, just having a wee nosy.. I could probably do with some fashion tips!
    Glad you are ok after your bump, hope you still managed to have a lovely Christmas! x

  5. Hi Louise..please check out my new style blog! xxxx

  6. Wow... people commenting on Louise's blog just to advertise theirs? That's pretty low!
    Hi Louise, I'm not really into fashion - I mean my 'style' is usually quite gothic and weird! But I think you're a lovely person and the world needs many many more people like you with your positive attitude and dedication to work! Much love and luck for the future ~K x

  7. Hi Louise!
    Hope you feel better soon, and keep pursuing your career in fashion! You're such an inspiration, and I feel pretty ashamed that I've not managed to achieve or do anywhere as much in the fashion industry as you have, yet I've dreamed of being a fashion designer ever since I can even remember.
    Wishing you all the best, hope to see more blog posts from you!