Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Wee Update...

Sorry for neglecting blogging, Facebook and twitter for the best part of January just needed to get to the back of something but I'm back and ready to jump back into everything.

I've been keeping some what of a very exciting secret from you guys.. I can't wait to share as it getting harder each day. I'm not going to give anything away right now, but feel free to have a guess ?

Now back to what I intended on writing about...

Peaches and Rose blog will be live hopefully by the end of January if not sooner and if I can muster up some energy YouTube will be live too *happydance* !
Peaches and Rose will be all about beauty, style, reviews, what we wear, tutorials ect.

So if you would like to get in contact with anything in correspondence wether it may be an idea, celebrity look you'd like us to do, or if your a business/PR  please email:

Baking Fashionista will now be solely based on Food,Recipes, how to and other lifey things what don't quite fit into the fashion & beauty side of things.
I'm planning on writing posts for here 2-3 times a week it might be more just depends on where the day takes me.  For just now there won't be any specific days set to when posts will go up as you can never plan when it comes to food well I certainly can't.
So if you would like to get in contact with anything in correspondence for example if your a business or just someone wanting to know how to make something.
please email;

I think that's all for just now because I can't seem to think of anything apart from I need to go to sleep!!

Remember to follow the baking fashionista to keep up with all my latest post and what not. I love getting comments or tweets from you guys it certainly brightens up my day.



  1. I'm going to have a guess, at your secret - Here we go.... I think somebody has offered you a regular editorial work on a news feed, covering either fashion, or cooking recipes?
    How did I do ?
    Even if I'm wrong..... they ought to.
    Best wishes from Somerset England.

  2. Hey Louise,
    I watched your documentary on 4OD and adore your style!
    This is just a comment to wish you well and say that
    I look forward to the Peaches and Rose blog; I'm quite
    fashion shy and would love to see how you bring colour and
    your bright personality into everyday wear.

    From a big fan,
    Josephine, London