Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Update on whats going on...

Sorry for abandoning you guys, my blog post have been few and far between for the past few months but hopefully now everything will fall into place.

Everything has been a bit hetic and mad but very exciting for the past few months, that I haven’t had the time to post!
Some news that’s going on just now… i had a flying visit to London last Wednesday/Thursday to do 3 television interviews on This Morning, Channel 5 news and STV news we stayed at the Park Plaza Country Hall Hotel on the south bank. After having a lovely morning at This Morning we were whisked away to film the remaining two interviews in the beautiful The Folly restaurant! Straight after we headed for heathrow and was back home in time to catch my Documentary which aired on Thursday you can catch it here: The Human Mannequin - 4oD
I cant believe it everything been going a 100mph since, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! I can’t wait to share all of the exciting stuff we have planned!

On another note…
Peaches and Rose will hopefully go live this week, so I actually can’t wait! Hope you guys like it, hopefully everything will be finished for when it goes live but we will just have to see!! Samantha and I can’t wait to share everything we’ve got planned with you guys..

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a few things, so be on the look for a new post very soon!! 
Oh one last thing please check out Louise Wedderburn every little helps. 



  1. Goodluck , can't wait for more updates Xx

  2. Can't wait for your new site to go live! keep us posted on your blog about all the exciting things youve got going on!x

  3. I cant wait to see your new blog :) x

  4. look forward to seeing the blog. Your channel 4 show was very interesting and will have opened a few people's eyes to the fact that a disability doesn't stop you from being beautiful and talented. Very inspiring!

  5. I've just watched the documentary about you, and just wanted to let you know how very inspiring you are. I've just spent two years housebound and unable to do anything much thanks to acute epilepsy and am just now beginning to get my life back - sewing, pickling/preserving and going for short walks with my husband. I even began a blog about living with epilepsy/autism (I have both) and record my good days and bad days whilst attempting to inject some humour into my situation.

    Like you, I enjoy pretty clothes (in my own quirky, geeky manner) and am trying to make the effort to dress up more often instead of living in my PJ's all the time. I'm really looking forward to your new blog going live to pick up some hints and tips!

    Please feel free to stop by at http://rosewinelover.com any time.

    All the best,

    Gemma x

  6. Yay for another Aberdeen blogger! It always makes me happy to see, maybe a familiar face to look out for.. its funny, I work with Louise (Gardiner) and she was telling me about you and how into fashion you are not so long ago..and maybe your sisters hen do? Tea party? Not sure.. but yeh she was talking about you and bam.. I can now put a face..blog? to the name :) x

  7. Hi Louise,

    Saw your documentary on tv just now. Wanted to wish you all the best with Peaches and Rose. xx

  8. hello! I just read your story and i'm deeply touched! It's funny how we sometimes complain about things and find all sort of excuses not to fullfil a dream. And seeing you, with all your limitations going after your dreams and actually achieving is truly inspiring! I would love if u could check my blog and maybe keep in touch! God bless you and hope to see more of you out there...xxx

  9. Good luck Louise! I just watched your documentary and I am so blown away by your creativity, focus and ability to keep it together under pressure. I can't think of many 18 year olds with those qualities (or 25 year olds, or 30 year olds...) I wish you every success with Peaches and Rose! I'm a journalist and I reckon you have 110% got what it takes if you decide that media is your bag.

  10. hi Louise!
    I just watched documentary about You and have to say that You are amazing. Haven't meet anyone with such a strenght and self motivation. Well done to You. You show entire world that if you really want something and you believe in yourself and don't give up you really can reach it ! Such a inspiring person. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Wish You good luck with every little and big step in your life.
    Lots of sun, smiles and Love

  11. Hello Louise,

    I also watched a documentary about you in german tv today. I have to say WOW it's amazing how you follow your dream!
    Wish you all the best for your life and that every dream you have is coming true!



  12. Hi, I just saw your documentary. Thought you were a truely inspiring beautiful person, with great sense of style aswell. Wishing you all the best in your career, it just shows the fashion industry is more about how you project you and not just how you cover up......also, I thought your nan was amazing, she reminded me very much of my nan, how fab that she kept those amazing clothes and accessories, bet she was over the moon seeing her beautiful granddaughter realising her dreams with them.

  13. Louise you are so beautiful inside and out you are an inspiration to everyone I love your blog x Carol

  14. Hi Louise, just watched your documentary. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing... really made me think about how important it is to follow your dreams. I am sure that Peaches and Rose will be a success. You have a real gift for fashion, an instinctive, orginal and exciting style measured with your own individuality, creativeness and sense of humour. Love it! With all very best wishes to you and your wonderful family.