Tuesday, 2 October 2012

If it's not bothering me, It shouldn't bother you.

Another one of my wow moments came true.. I still can't believe it.
Something i've been keeping secret since the day i found out i was being interviewed for a feature and guestbook page in Elle Uk's November Issue.

Its out to buy tomorrow Wednesday 3rd of October

I would love to know what everybody thinks out the feature

Love L x 


  1. Inspirational. Would love for you to start a YouTube channel too!

  2. Wow what an experience to have and I love the quote 'if it's not bothering me, it shouldn't bother you' Great!

    Tanesha x

  3. This was a brilliant article! You have an amazing personality :)
    Andrea x

  4. I'm watching your tv programme right now. You are such an inspiration. xxx

  5. Hello Mrs!
    You're on my tele at the moment and as soon as it said that you'd made your own blog I had to come and say hello and tell you how gorgeous you are!
    You're so incredible and inspirational and I'd love to speak some more properly.
    I actually have a disability and you've put it into a whole new perspective for me, so thank you!
    If you do ever fancy a chat please email me, or pop over to my blog, or whatever, it'd be so lovely to hear from you!
    If you have the time that is, now you're a hot shot fashion journalist AND elle model!
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Laura xx


  6. Your such an inspiration, I had tears when watching your programme! I will be buying this :) xxx

  7. I love your blog and your article is amazing! You have amazing style and are such an inspiration! :)

    Danie B xx

  8. Keep up the good work...absolutely amazing stuff!! tjx

  9. Your truly an inspiration to everyone. Hope they find a cure for you soon. All the best xxxx

  10. Hey Louise,
    I have never felt compelled to follow up on a programme I watched on TV.... until I saw you. Just wanted to wish you well with your new endeavors I am sure whatever you decide to do will work out with such a positive attitude. You are truly inspirational and thank goodness role models (in several senses!)such as yourself still exist.
    Warm wishes,

  11. I just finished watching your program and had to jump on to see if I could find your style blog Peaches and Rose and found you here.

    So glad for you that you are getting into this! When I first flicked over to the program, before I even knew what it was about, when you first came on the screen I honestly thought, "Wow, her makeup is really beautiful!" Your clothes and makeup are so lovely, you obviously have an eye for this sort of thing, keep up the good work!

    Best of luck with everything!!


  12. Hi louise. I wanted to write to you also. Natasha took the words right out my mouth.
    You are such a beautiful person, inside and out.
    I wish you the very best and sincereley hope to read more of your write ups on fashion and beauty.
    Kindest wishes
    Nina x

  13. Hi Louise, you really are a beautiful strong and inspirational young woman. I wish you every success and happiness. I am now going to search for Peaches and Rose! Thanks for showing us how strong we can be with a little determination .

  14. Your program has shown me to go for what you dream!! I love fashion but I'm not a designer kinda person! I would love to be able to have the fashion sense that you have!your truly inspirational and a will be a new role model!!
    Keep well,

  15. Great to watch you on TV just now, you're very inspiring and I wish you all the best with everything
    Aymi :)

  16. My name is Daniella, I have just watched the program on chanel 4 about you and your life. Firstly I want to say that the strength and courage you have is an inspiration. Your families strength is also very evident. Also I love your sense of style and the love you have for all things fashion and style comes across in such a clear way with the way you style not only your clothes but your hair and make up to.

    I also wanted to say that I suffer with an illness called M.E and whilst I am aware that your condition is a far more serious in every way imaginable I can relate to the fact that you use fashion and fashion magazines in particular as an escapism and wanting a sense of style to identify you rather then a named illness. Whilst watching the program I had hoped you would start a blog as I find it's a great way to put out there all your passion and love you have for fashion but with doing it at the pace that you feel comfortable with.

    Anyway I wish you and your lovely family all the best. Take care,

    Daniella xox

  17. I just watched the program on channel 4 and you are amazing! So strong and inspirational! I will be definitely checking your blog now good luck with your styling business! xxx



  18. Hello Louise,

    I think your wonderful, I'm a fashion Knitwear student myself and have just seen the channel 4 documentary you did. I think you should go for your dream,

    I wish you all the best.
    Emma xx


  19. You are my fashion inspiration...so is your Grandma!
    I hope you continue to build your fashion empire!


  20. Hi there Louise, I too just watched your programme, and I was very inspired by you and your determination. I am permanently in a wheelchair due to an auto immune illness, my body attacks my muscles and destroys them, so I guess we have some things in common, even though I'm older than you.

    I wanted to say how impressed I am by your spirit and talent with fashion and beauty. You are a very beautiful young lady.

    Would you be kind enough to pass my best wishes on to your Mum, Sister and Grandma, they come across as lovely people. I absolutely adore your Gran, she was so pleased to see you in Elle online wasn't she? No wonder you are so positive with such great support.

    I hope to see more of you and will follow your blog. I'm hoping you never have to use a wheelchair, but if it does come, you will make it work for you just as I have. Nothing will hold you back, I'm sure!

    Regards Alison

  21. Just watched your tv programme. Had put a reminder to watch after reading your article in elle. You truely are an inspiration I can see why your mum and nan are so proud. I hope all your dreams come true and wish you all the best. Bx

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  23. I watched the program on channel 4. You have an extraordinary and strong character. Inspirational.

    I wish you all the best.

    Monika xxx

  24. Love your blog! Your show on channel 4 was really inspirational! Your blog is bound to get popular soon now! I wish you all the best with fashion blogging!
    Would really appreciate if you had a little read of my blog:

  25. i saw your show on channel four and when they said you had a blog i had to have a look! your such an inspiration, good luck with your styling business i'm sure you'll go far! :) x



  26. I too watched your show on C4. You are an amazing person and beautiful inside and out! It's great that you have discovered your talent and that you pursue your dream. All the best for the future, you'll be an inspiration for so many people. x Lilla

  27. Hi there Louise,
    I have watched your Tv program about you on channel 4 and I think that it was amazing showing your life and how you made a blog and showing your fashions. I think you have inspired a lot of people because you have definatly inspired me! :) You should be very proud of yourself, which I'm sure you are!

    Best wishes from a little fashionista,
    Chloe xo

    Btw- hope to hear more from you soon.

  28. Hi Louise

    I to watched your program and totally loved it. Im also from Aberdeen so was loving the accent :-)
    You are a total inspiration and so much drive and incredibly beautiful. Big congratulations to your sister to and your mum and grandma are just lovely

  29. Watched the program about you last night, what an inspiration you are. You clearly have flair and talent and I wish you every success in your chosen career.
    Very best wishes for the future.

  30. Like most people here I was introduced to you via Channel 4 last night. What a beautiful and inspirational young lady you are with great style which drips from your fingertips.

    I wish you all the best for the future and I am sure that you will be a great success whatever you decide to do with your future.

  31. Hello beautiful lady. Like a lot of people commenting on this post, I found your blog after watching the show last night. I admire your passion and determination. Hope to see more posts and things from you soon.
    Keep doing what you love.
    Cara. xXx

  32. Sadly, without a TV I couldn't watch your program last night but I will try to watch it at some point. I have just been reading about you on Elle's website, and looking at your writing. You are such a talented and gorgeous girl that there's no reason why anything should stop you from doing what you love.
    Looking forward to hearing much more from you,


  33. Firstly Louise you are stunning!!
    I hope Elle can see your potential and realise you dont have to live in London to connect with the world.
    Keep blogging it's a great way to reach people..I presume you've read
    the inspirational 'style rookie' blog?
    Clare xx

  34. Loved the programme last night!
    Would love to hear more of your fashion tips as I adore clothes but have no idea how to put them together. You have an obvious natural talent in this area.

  35. Just watched the programme, your style is amazing! please please please do outfits of the day photos or outfits of the week! xo

  36. You an an inspiration, I am so glad you have started your own blog for if we don't believe in our self how can we expect others to believe in us. I too have started my own blog a few months ago and it is such a rewarding way to release your passion. If you want a wee nosey its www.labelvlook.com. Go you babes, keep up the good work I will be checking my googlereader daily for more posts about your little adventures. Much love Mandy xxx

  37. great woman
    great program
    great writing
    a true inspiration for many people out there
    thank you for being you


  38. Congratulations! I just watched the channel 4 documentary - so inspiring! Also I'm mad jealous of your gran's beautiful vintage collection. Was so happy when I heard at the end that you have a blog :)
    Mine is http://aliceboullin.blogspot.com if you want to check it out xoxo

  39. you are so beautiful! and your sense of fashion is extraordinary! please put more photos of yourself, with different outfits:)

  40. Hi Louise, I watched the ch4 programme with my 14 year old daughter last night. Whether someone has a disability or not you are an inspiration for any child or adult who has a dream and a realisation that you can achieve anything no matter how big or small if you want it. Your mum, sister and Granny I'd imagine must be beaming with pride this morning!

    Gail Winstanley

    P.s tell your Granny I loved her Gina vintage clutch xxx

  41. I would love to see more of your outfits and style Louise! It's amazing! xx


  42. Hi Louise. Heavens I had a long time scrolling to get writing :) I have an environmental blog (http://greenwatch-lesley.blogspot.ie)and its hard to be fashionable and Eco friendly at the same time i find. Any tips? I love your style and will pop on here often to see what your up to. Keep us all posted and congratulations on the great programme last night!

  43. Hello, just saw your ch4 programme. I love your make-up. Good luck with your blog. I will come back :) I hope you have a really nice day xxx Adriana, Romania

  44. Inspirational!

  45. Like most of the comments above, I felt moved by your story and I would like to say thank for sharing it with the us and the world. You are such an inspiration and you are surrounded by such loving family. Your story made me realise no matter what our bodies are doing we can still achieve our dreams!

    Wishing you all the best for now and the future...... And I would love to have your wardrobe :D


  46. I respect and admire you not because you have a disability And I pity you but because you have an amazing talent for fashion , I think it would be great if you started a YouTube vlog!!!!!! Please check out my blog too x. ellaluciaweekly.blogspot.com

  47. Your should start a YouTube channel

    1. I agree! Hayley, Sheffield.

  48. Hi, I saw your program on C4 & was truly touched by how strong & positive you are even though you must be going through a lot of pain. l love your fashion style too. Your family is fantastic, luv your nan. I hope you go far.

  49. Louise, you are truly inspirational. I watched the C4 program this week and was blown away by your determination and talent. Your gran, mum and sister are also so amazing in their support of you. Just love your quote "If it's not bothering me, It shouldn't bother you." You are an incredible, beautiful, young woman - please continue following your dreams.
    C x

  50. Hi Louise, I saw your programme on C4 and just wanted to say how inspirational you are. You are absolutely gorgeous and have great style. If you are ever down in Sheffield lets go shopping! I really hope you do well, Hayley x

  51. Hi Louise. I watched your doctumentry last night and just wanted to say that you are such a strong person and I really admire you for going out there and getting what you want. I have a disability too - not as severe as yours I might add however - and you're such an inspiration to me personally as I want to get into fashion just like you! I hope this copy of Elle hasn't sold out yet! I need to buy it! Lots of love, Anna x

  52. Hi Louise
    While watching the documentary I thought that you should write your own fashion blog and here it is ! You have certainly huge skills at picking up trends and I would love to get your advice about buying the right clothes without spending too much ! thank you ! x.

  53. Hii, Just saw your documentary and your style is amazing you have such an eye for what pieces compliment each other. Love your spread in Elle magazine!I wish you all the luck for your future and I'm now following your blog. Also is there a site for Peaches and Cream xx


  54. Amazing shots worthy of gracing the pages of Elle.
    It is a privilege to know you Louise. Follow your dreams xx

  55. Hi Louise – like many others I just watched the documentary on 4oD, and I was overwhelmed by how courageous you are. Your positive attitude to having FOP is so inspiring. I'm so glad you chose to share your story with the world, and that you've fought to achieve your dreams. All the best for the future – I'll be following your blog!

    Samantha x

  56. Hi beautiful Louise,

    I have watched your progrmme last night and I have learned a lot. As many others here, just want to say, 'Stay beautiful and carry on!' Best wishes!x

  57. You're and inspiration!I hope you carry on pursuing your fashion and beauty dream because you really do have a talent for it! X

  58. Loved the documentary you're such an inspiration and I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work x