Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Elle: Day one

Incredible first day Elle, it feels like home already! I've been a super busy fashion bee working between the Elle BEauty team and What Elle wears. It's been a super fun and amazing day working along side Suniel and Steph (WEW, Georgia and Suz at the (EBT.They there me into the deep end with 2 major features on Elle Uk. I found out tonight that I'd made it onto the What Elle Wears: what I wore!! I seriously can't believe it, it feels like I've made it into the Elle family after just one day. I still can't believe that people all over the world will be looking at my features. While shooting what Elle wears, what was great fun and I was in my element even pulled a Marilyn Monroe. I spotted the cutesy beagle called Erin and had an idea that she would complete the shot so we asked if we could borrow her for 10minutes, perfect model. When I seen the beauty cupboard for the 1st time I literally died, it's my ideal Aladdin's cave. Check out the Feature Love L x

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