Thursday, 23 February 2012

LFW: Day Two

We are off to Vauxhall Fashion Scout showcase in Covent Garden. To go backstage at the House of Evolution show where I was working along side Nadine Merabi for her first Nadine Merabi Couture show. While Sam and our mamma watched the show I was backstage of the runway making sure the models were perfect.

Heres some photographs from the show…

 Nadine Merabi


Zeynep Tousun

House of Evolution were showcasing three emerging designers Nadine Merabi, Delada, Zeynep Tousun.  

I loved every minute was working backstage it was great fun even though I never a spare minute. Sam was roped in by Nadine to make the final head piece with only 40 minutes before the show, but after the wonder tony & guy hairdressers and i decided it was unsafe due to us not having the proper support we opted for a bit of head armor made from eyelash glue and the silver leaves from the dress.

The show went great and Nadine got amazing feedback and is defiantly one to watch.

Keep it sweet,
Love L x 

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