Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dolce and Gabbana

The new Monica Bellucci lipsticks collection for Dolce and Gabbana have the most beautiful powdery rose scent with a rich and creamy texture. The colours have a 1950's fell to them, making you feel quite sexy but sophiscated.

  • Colour: Italian Monica
  • Reminds me on the lip colour Marliyn Monroe wore. 

Lots of Love, 
L x 


  1. Just watched ur tv programme!! How amazing are u!! Ur blog is great too! U are an inspiration! Fi x

  2. That lipstick looks DELICIOUS. I want it! Good choice. x

  3. I’m one of those males who just isn’t into fashion, I just wanted to say a hello as I saw the show on channel 4...a repeat. People like you inspire others, be it you realise it or not - so keep it up... and with some luck and the ever increasing advances in modern science, thinks will continue to get better for you. Its coming up to Christmas, so I'll be in mass more often (us Irish are still fond of a bit of Mass - sure you've seen father Ted surely) so I'll say a prayer all goes well for you.

    Best wishes.

    Eoghan O' Sullivan